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If you or a loved one was injured in an accident, and resides near Provo or Orem, Utah, you could have a claim where you can receive money to pay for any medical bills and even for pain and suffering, which usually goes beyond the value of the medical bills.

Insurance companies make money by denying claims and by paying less than what your claim is worth. Navigating the insurance claim process unscathed is a difficult process. Every single question an insurance company asks you is meant to find a way to pay you less than your claim is worth or even avoid paying you anything at all. Insurance companies love it when you do not hire a lawyer after an accident because they know they will be settling your claim for less than it is worth. If you hire us, the insurance company can no longer contact you directly. When you have less contact with the insurance company, it means that they have less opportunities to twist your words against you.

Whether you were in a car accident or another type of accident, the Law Office of Gregory Wilder, PLLC is here as your local lawyer to help you get the recovery you deserve.

The law covering personal injury and car accidents (also known as “tort law”) can be complex to navigate, but that is why the Law Office of Gregory Wilder, PLLC is here — to direct you to a local, Provo injury lawyer who will represent you in your accident case, and to help you navigate the complex law regarding accidents. Personal injury law typically provides that a party who is injured by the acts of someone else can potentially recover all damages from the negligent party, including money for pain and suffering.

Even if an accident was partially “your fault,” there may be a way for a skilled lawyer to show the opposing party was more than fifty percent at fault and to get you a recovery. Call the number on the right side of the page to talk directly to a lawyer, right now!

Insurance companies make money by refusing claims. You paid your premiums, and you deserve to get what you bargained for. 

According to a Consumer Panel Survey of Auto Accident Victims done in 1999, injured victims received an average of 40% more money when hiring an attorney to represent them when compared to representing themselves. (“Paying for Auto Injuries: A Consumer Panel Survey of Auto Accident Victims,” Insurance Research Council, 1999, pg. 45-52).

The Law Office of Gregory Wilder, PLLC is here to direct you to a local Orem accident attorney who will try to help you settle your case and get you the settlement you deserve from your accident.

Personal Injury Fees:
For accident cases near Provo, the Law Office of Gregory Wilder, PLLC utilizes “contingency fees” (just ask if you want a different option like a flat fee or a low hourly rate).

While contingency fees are not free, they require no money up front.
If the Law Office of Gregory Wilder, PLLC takes your case on contingency, you will not be charged any legal fees up front. If you lose the case, you will not need to pay any attorney's fees.
The Law Office of Gregory Wilder, PLLC's contingency fees start at one third of any recovery, plus costs! Generally, in car accident cases, if the case settles before filing suit, the fee is thirty-three and one third percent of any recovery, plus costs (33 1/3% before the costs are deducted); if suit is filed or if the case goes all the way to trial, the fee increases.
The Law Office of Gregory Wilder, PLLC is willing to do a mix of a flat fees and a contingency fees to lower these percentages. These fees are subject to a legal services agreement.

While contingency fees apply to most personal injury cases, flat fees or hourly rates are available if you prefer.

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